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Big 9 Predictions for rest of year and Play off positions

I know I shouldn't put this out, but it has been 5 weeks into the season and I think I have a pretty good idea of how good teams are.  I've seen almost all the teams play at least one game.  This is how I think teams will finish out the rest of their schedules. Obviously this is only my guess, things could go completely differently.  Its time to put up or shut up.  Prove me wrong on the field if you disagree with my guesses.

Playoff seeding
Team - games to be played -(record in last games) overall record

1. Rev - Lions, Sting, Raiders (3-0) 7-1

2. Lions - Trojans, @Rev, @Shock, Wildcats (3-1) 6-2

3. Trojans - @lions, Wildcats, @Vipers (2-1) 6-2

4. Shock - Vipers, Hawks, Lions (2-1) 5-3

5. Sting - Wildcats, @Vipers, Rev, Hawks (2-2) 5-3

6. Vipers - @Shock, Sting, @Hawks, @Trojans (1-3) 3-5

Out of Playoffs

Wildcats - @Sting, Raiders, @Trojans, @Lions (1-3)  2-6

Hawks - @Raiders, @Shock, Vipers, @Sting  (2-2) 2-6

Raiders - Hawks, @Wildcats, Bye, Rev (0-4) 0-8

How they get there:

1. Rev - bye this week then play Lions at home, Sting on the road, and Raiders at home.  I think the Rev win all three. 

Lions - will be their hardest game and if it was played in St George, I'd give the Lions the win.  Score Rev 34 Lions 30.

Sting in Brigham, Rev offense is too diverse for Sting, Thompson can't get enough INTs for TDs to win and Sting offense can't score enough to beat the Rev.  Score Rev 24 Sting 7

Raiders - It will be ugly and that late in the season, I will be surprised if they field much of a team.

Rev end regular season 7-1 with #1 seed

2. Lions - Still play Trojans at home, Rev and Shock on the Road, end with Wildcats at home.

Trojans - Good game with 2 great defenses, but I think Lions offense is better than the Trojans offense and more suited to play smashmouth.  Trojans defense puts pressure on passer, but good running teams can have success against them.  Score Lions 25 Trojans 14

Rev - Its hard to travel, especially 2 weeks in a row. Score Rev 34 Lions 30

Shock - Its hard to travel, especially 2 weeks in a row. but after losing to Rev, Lions must win to get 2 seed and travel well.  Score Lions 28 Shock 24.

Wildcats - Lions won't overlook Wildcats although if Cats still have playoff hopes they may travel well.  Score Lions 38 Wildcats 8

Lions end regular season 6-2 with #2 seed due to win over Trojans

3. Trojans play at Lions, have a bye Wildcats at home, then travel to Vipers to finish the season.

Lions - Lions are getting better as the season goes on, Trojan offense still isn't championship caliber, and Trojan defense is better against passing teams.  Score Lions 25 Trojans 14

Wildcats - getting late, Trojans can't overlook anyone if they want a top seed.  Wildcats are in jeopardy of not making playoffs and still need to travel the next week to St George.  Score Trojans 21 Wildcats 13

Vipers - Travel game to SLC for Trojans, trip to sting didn't go well, Trojans travel well and beat Vipers in close game. Score Trojans 20 Vipers 17

Trojan end regular season 6-2  with #3 seed due to loss to Lions.


4. Shock play all home games against Vipers, Hawks, and Lions 

Vipers - Big game for the Shock after last weeks major fail. Shock need win and I think they play better and get it.  Score Shock 35 Vipers 23

Hawks first travel game to SLC, depends on how they travel if they are out of the playoff picture. I think not too well. Although they are the type of team that may give the Shock trouble.  Score Shock 32 Hawks 12

Lions - Big game for the Lions, second travel game to SLC in 2 weeks. The game could go either way, but Lions pull it out.  Score Lions 28 Shock 24

Shock end regular season 5-3, beat out Sting for #4 seed by tie breaker in head tohead.

5. Sting play Wildcats at home, Vipers on Road, Rev and Hawks at home.

Wildcats are the type of team that can give the Sting problems, physical and can make some big plays but I think Sting take care of business in this game. Score Sting 16 Wildcats 8

Vipers can be good, but bigger problem for the sting is offensive inconsistency this week it bites them. Score Vipers 27 Sting 18.

Rev - Sting have already beat 2 of the top teams, they won't get the third, Rev rolling. Score Rev 24 Sting 7

Hawks end of season road trip with no playoff possibilities, don't travel well and get beat by Sting that needs the win.  Score Sting 24 Hawks 14

Sting end regular season 5-3 get #5 seed because of loss to Shock in head to head.

6. Vipers play at Shock, home against Sting, at Hawks and Trojans.

Shock - coming off an embarrassing loss to Rev, Shock need to right the ship and I think they will. Score Shock 35 Vipers 23

Sting have been so offensively inconsistent this year, I just don't believe it won't bite them at least once, historically the Sting have found a way to lose to a lesser team. This is the one. Score Vipers 27 Sting 18

Hawks playing at home with nothing to play for but pride. Vipers have to travel and win to help secure a playoff spot.  Hawks get one.  Score Hawks 24 Vipers 17

Trojans are on the road, they need to prove they can win on the road. They will.  Score Trojans 20 Vipers 17

Vipers end regular season 3-5 earn #6 seed and trip back down to Vegas to play Trojans.

7. Wildcats play at Sting, Raiders home and at Trojans and Lions.

Sting is the best chance for a win in the last 3, It could happen, but it won't.  Score Sting 16 Wildcats 8

Raiders get to come to SLC to play the Wildcats, Wildcats get to beat up on hapless Raiders. Score Wildcats 30 Raiders 6

Trojans are at home and will be tough to beat, Wildcats have 2 really difficult road games to end the year. Travel will be hard but the heat may be worse. Score Trojans 21 Wildcats 13

Lions are tough and it will probably be hot, plus the Wildcats are in the second travel game in two weeks. Lions win. Score Lions 38 Wildcats 8

Wildcats end regular season 2-6

8. Hawks play at Raiders, Shock, home vs Vipers and at Sting

Raiders - Hawks should win this one, although it is probably last chance for a Raider win. Score Hawks 28 Raiders 12

Shock - SASA game, Hawks have to travel which they may not do very well this late in the season with only one win. Shock need to keep winning.  Score Shock 32 Hawks 12

Vipers - Vipers have to travel and Hawks will want another win, this is their best chance, I think they get it.  Score Hawks 24 Vipers 17

Sting - Sting will need the win and Hawks won't travel well even though a win could possibly get them into the playoffs at 3-5 and tie breaker over Vipers they earned the week before.  Sting to good.  Score Sting 24 Hawks 14

Hawks end regular season 2-6

9. Raiders play Hawks at home, at Wildcats, a bye and at Rev

Hawks - This is the best chance the Raiders have of getting a win this year.  I don't see it happening. Score Hawks 28 Raiders 12

Wildcats - Travel game for a team with no wins, I don't see them traveling well at all.  Wildcats get a tuneup game before their last 2 tough games.  Score Wildcats 30 Raiders 6

Rev - Rev will destroy the winless Raiders that show up. It could be ugly as Rev will want to play hard before first round bye in playoffs.

Raiders end regular season 0-8



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Well thought out. I say we go with this and scrap playing the remaining games! :)



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5-3......... ugh. hope we can pull our heads out and finish 6-2 and beat the lions in the finale.



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Sting haven't had much success against the Rev, going to be tough. Don't see them losing to Wildcats, Vipers (historically plays very well against them), or Hawks. Could see a 6-2 finish as well.


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Roger, If the Sting don't lose to either the Wildcats or the Vipers, they will get the #2 seed due to tie breakers. That may actually be the more likely scenario, but I had to put a little drama in my picks. ;)

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Much much better scenario.....

Don't believe me just watch....
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