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Playoff Picture

I was going to attach this to the previous post but it had gotten too long so I started this one.  Please tear this apart.  Tell us all why I'm wrong and how your team is going to change it.  Thanks


Great North

Another week, a little more clarity.  Cobras and Gladiators are still leading their divisions with little indications that that will change before June 5th.  The Avalanche, Warriors, Monsters, and Outlaws have all but removed themselves from the race.  The Oilers and the Xtreme are doing well and both should make the playoffs.  That leaves the Idaho Division.  Right now the Diggers lead but with 3 more games to play vs (in order) the Stampede, the Anarchy, and the Mustangs, it is still anyone’s guess how they will finish.  In fact every one of the “Idaho” teams still has to play each other one more time.  The teams are so close right now it is hard to say who is going to win out.  I see three of these teams making it to the playoffs.  Which three? You got me there.  I think I need to see two more weeks of football before that becomes clear. 


If the playoffs were now? 

Going off of the GM ranking and current records the Great North Playoffs look like this. 


Round 1 bye: Gladiators

#2 vs #7: Cobras vs Oilers (Oilers lose tiebreaker to Anarchy lost to common opponent that the Anarchy beat, and lose tiebreaker to Stampede lost to common opponent that the Stampede beat)

#3 vs #6: Diggers vs Stampede (Diggers beat out Xtreme with better record, Stampede lose tiebreaker to Anarchy head to head)

#4 vs #5: Xtreme vs Anarchy


My prediction for the Playoffs


Round 1 bye: Cobras (Win tiebreaker vs Gladiators with better performance vs common opponent)

#2 vs #7: Gladiators vs Stampede

#3 vs #6: Oilers vs Mustangs (Mustangs lose tiebreaker vs Digger and Xtreme via point differential, H2H thrown out)               

#4 vs #5: Diggers vs Extreme (Extreme lose tiebreaker vs Diggers point differential)


Big 9

Nothing happened this week… Nothing at all.  EXCEPT THE TROJANS LOST. And the Lions decimated the Raiders.  Really the Sting winning is the only thing that really changed the picture much but it sure did a great job of it.  First off you have 4 teams with 1 loss.  4?!?!?!?! Any one of these teams could win out and take home the #1 spot.  It’s also pretty clear that the Vipers will most likely take the last spot.  No changes in who is going this week just who plays who!


 If the playoffs were now? 

Going off of the GM ranking and current records the Big 9 Playoffs look like this. 


Round 1 bye: Rev, Trojans (Both 4-1)

#3 vs #6: Sting vs Vipers (Sting wins tiebreaker over Lions with head to head)

#4 vs #4: Lions vs Shock


My prediction for the Playoffs


Round 1 bye: Lions, Rev (Rev wins Tiebreaker vs Sting H2H, Wins tiebreaker vs Trojans point differential)

#3 vs #6: Sting vs Vipers (Sting wins Tie Breaker vs Trojans H2H)

#4 vs #5: Trojans vs Shock


To be fair now we still have 4 weeks to go and this will change.  To the teams on the outside looking in, JUST WIN BABY!!!!!!  Those of you in, watch out everyone is gunning for you now.  Let’s have some great football this weekend.



Mustangs #25

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From what I learned yesterday the #1, 2, and 3 seeds are division winners, regardless of record. So #1, 2, and 3 will be from Idaho, Utah, and Montana regardless. And the performance against like opponents doesn't matter as long as you win. So if the Cobras beat the Oilers 35-21 but the Gladiators beat them 49-21, the point differential doesn't matter. A win is a win, in other words. Those are the problems I see.

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