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Post Info TOPIC: Week 7 (SASA) Predictions for Big 9


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Week 7 (SASA) Predictions for Big 9

Just wanted to get this going to see where everyone else landed on it and what they had to say about it.

Sting @ Vipers

Vipers have something to show us if they can step it up.  At 2-3 they are definitely in the playoffs but against what kind of competition.  They have shown that  so far they can only beat the Hawks & Raiders with Losses already piled up to the Shock, Rev & Lions who are basically the buzz-saws they'll run into when the post season rolls around.  This week they get the Sting and I don't see them having much more success than they did last week against a bigger more physical team with a strong run game.  The Vipers  do get the Hawks again before trying to play spoiler  to the Trojans in the final week of the season.  Good luck his weekend boys I think it'll  be an interesting first half and over before the start of the 4th..

Sting 44 - Vipers 19


Wildcats @ Raiders

Congrats to these Raiders  for making it SASA in year 1, lets show them what quality fields at great venues with working scoreboards are like.  The Wildcats come  into this one hungry to make a statement and I have serious doubts about the kind of numbers they black and silver will roll into town with.  I see this one being a game, maybe, just maybe if it was being played another few hundred miles further south and travel to the concrete jungle was a burden on the Wildcats instead of the other way around.   A snoozer we can all sleep in through..

Wildcats 55 - Raiders 6


Hawks @ Shock

Hawks need desperately  for  a good  showing on the road here but I don't think they get it.  Morally and mentally they were taken out  of it when they lost out their last seed to the Vipers, but if there  is any fight left in them they need  to show it this weekend or completely kiss their already slim post season hopes goodbye.  If they think and hope  and wish real hard for it appearin one hand and **** in the other I bet I know which one fills up first..

Hawks 13 - Shock 39


Rev @ Lions ***GOTW***

As if there would be any question, even months ago, if this would be game of the week for all of SASA both leagues included.  If you aren't playing while this game is going on youd be crazy not to come and watch.  It's  bound to be epic and filled with Ooooo's and Awwee's and Holy ****'s and Oh damn's, right up until the last second.  I honestly don't know who will take this one because both teams have had stutters and stumbles lately  but in the same time span looked unbelievably unstoppable.   Each side could make their case and make  a good one at that.   I just flipped a coin literally right  now, best 2 out of 3, and it says the team rolling the strongest and coming to play through it all is the Rev.  Grumbles that in the past the Lions mostly just beat the Rev in St George, and the Rev Nation holds strong at home, will piss the Lions off enough to bring a fight.  One with a new game and new QB the Rev haven't dealt with much yet.  Rev Sideline will run at least 60-70 deep most  likely as it does for SASA, and in the end its the endless wave after wave of fresh bodies sent at them that the Lions cannot over take..

Rev 26 - Lions 20

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I still like the Hawks' chances...


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Adding my Big 9 Week 7 SASA Predictions

Season Record 18-6

Sting(3-2) at Vipers(2-3)

Last week the Sting overlooked the Wildcats, several key players were absent and it cost them dearly. The Sting are not very good offensively, last in the league in Yards per Game at 192 and only 89 yards per game passing and average less than 14 points each outing. They've been very fortunate to have a good defense that gives up only 14 pts a game and lousy weather to help them slow down other teams offenses.

The Vipers lost to a more physical Shock team in a constant downpour. They are more of a finesse offense and the bad weather this year has hurt them. They average 16 points per game, but give up 28 points.

The Weather is supposed to be nice this weekend, I see the Vipers loading up the box to stop Messenger and daring Wager to throw. If the Vipers get a few big plays from the Recievers and Sherwood can scramble and make some plays I think it will be a long day for the Sting.

Upset Special Vipers 23 Sting 14

Wildcats(2-3) at Raiders(0-6)
Wildcats are back in the playoff derby, at least for another week. They had a big win last week against the Sting and the Raiders had another big loss against the Hawks. I just don't see the Raiders traveling very well, it should be an easy win for the Wildcats.

Wildcats 35 Raiders 0

Hawks(1-4) at Shock(4-2)

The Hawks soundly defeated the Raiders last week, Brisco looked good both passing and running the ball, but it was against the Raiders. The Hawks offense has some good weapons in Trey Robinson and Xavier Treevino. This game could be interesting if the Hawks travel well.

The Shock looked good in their win last week against the Vipers. The running game overpowered the smaller Vipers and Thomas had success in the rain. Wissler does a Jeckyl/Hyde impersonation depending on which team hes playing against.

This could be a fun game to watch if the Hawks show up, both teams prefer to pass and there are some play makers on both team. Problem is I don't think the Hawks will show up.

Shock 35 Hawks 14

Lions(4-1) at Rev(4-1) Game of the Week

Rev are coming off a Bye week, They should be well rested and ready to go. The Rev offense has been hitting on all cylinders and the Defense shut down a pretty good Shock offense in their last outing. The Rev will probably bring Harvey Unga to add depth and power to the running game. Charlie already has the most depth at receiver in the league.

The Lions are coming off a big win against the Trojans. Ford is playing well and making plays in both the passing and run game. The Lions are still a run first team, but can be dangerous if you load up the box. The defense held the Trojans running game to only 65 yards.

This should be a great game, nice weather, 6PM start and the 2 best teams. I usually pick offense to win and will again.

Rev 28 Lions 24

Have a great weekend at SASA, There should be some great games.

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