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Big 9: Week 8 Predictions

Big 9 Week 8 Predictions

Season Record 22-6

Rev (5-1) @ Sting (3-3)

Playoff implications:

Sting loss to Vipers really hurt.  The last two losses put the Sting in the position of having to win one of their last two games to make it into the playoffs.  Even then it isn't a done deal if both the Wildcats and Vipers win one.  Right now the Sting are in the 7th position and have to win either the Rev or the Hawks, I don't think it will be the Rev. Although, they should win the Hawks at home the last week.  Sting will probably end the season 4-4 and the 5th seed.

The Sting finally put together a decent offensive day against the Vipers to have the game stolen from them on the last play. Wager had a couple of TD passes and Messenger had a big game with 143 yards, But all for nothing. I don't see the Sting having the same success against the Rev Defense that has totally shutdown the Shock and the Lions in the last 2 weeks

Meanwhile, the Rev have been on a roll, scoring 40+ points the last 2 weeks. A win secures the #1 seed through out the playoffs since this is probably their last game because of the probable forfeiture of the Raiders in week 9. They will end the season 7-1. Charlie is looking like the MVP again.

Rev 40 Sting 7

Lions (4-2) @ Shock (5-2) Game of the Week

Playoff implications:

Lions laid a goose egg against the Rev at SASA, they had the chance to take control of Home field, but the Rev took them down in a blow out. Now they have to travel to the Shock in back to back weeks in SLC, a loss probably puts the lions as the 4th seed in the playoffs which will probably mean in the second week of the playoffs they would need to travel to the Rev again.  A win would probably secure the #2 seed (Lions have head to head tie breaker with Trojans), a bye the first week and probably a rematch with the Trojans at home in the second week.

Shock beat a decent but out-manned Hawks team to get to 5-2, temporarily putting them in the #2 spot because of the extra game they have played.  Unfortunately this week the Lions come back to town after a beat down. A loss to the Lions will probably mean a #4 seed in the playoffs and a second round game against the Rev assuming they can win their first round game. A win against the Lions will leave the Shock at 6-2, but probably only the #3 seed since the Trojans have the head to head tie-breaker with the Shock.  The Shock may prefer the #4 seed so they wouldn't need to travel South until the Championship game, if they make it that far.

These teams are pretty evenly matched, I'd like to see them play on a neutral field, but travel seems to have a big effect in the RMFL. Its especially tough to travel 2 weeks in a row. The lions have more incentive to win in my opinion because a win means a bye, then a home game in the second round. Ford didn't look very good against the Rev throwing 4 interceptions, the running game didn't go anywhere and the defense had lots of holes.  The Shock looked lethargic but its hard to get up for under-manned teams. This game depends on travel and incentive. I think the Lions have more to play for and will want to prove last week was a fluke.

Lions 28 Shock 21

Wildcats (3-3) @ Trojans (4-2)

Playoff implications:

Trojans had a bye last week.  If the Trojans win out and the Shock beat the Lions, Troy will get the #2 seed, If the Lions beat the Shock, the most likely scenario is #3. However, winning out isn't a done deal yet.  The Trojans still have to play at the Vipers in SLC.  Travel games are dangerous this late in the season.

Wildcats need to win one of their last 2 games to insure a playoff spot. The odds don't look in their favor with games against the Trojans and the Lions, both on the Road. The only other real chance they have is if the Hawks find a way to successfully travel and beat the Sting.

The Wildcats played really well against the Raiders in SASA, oh, that was a forfeit ;) The Wildcats are the type of team that could give the Trojans trouble, they are physical and the Trojan offense hasn't been great this year.  I heard rumors before SASA that the Wildcats may have some trouble traveling, if they do the Trojans win easily.

Trojans 20 Wildcats 14

Vipers (3-3) at Hawks (1-5)

Playoff implications:

Vipers have playoff tie breakers against both the Sting and the Wildcats, so they are probably in no matter what happens in the next 2 weeks. However, playoff position could change depending on whether they can win a game or so.  The #6 seed will probably be traveling south in the first round, the #5 seed probably stays in SLC.

This game against the Hawks is probably the better opportunity to win. Vipers had a big win against the Sting to really help their playoff status. The Viper offense looked pretty good against the highly thought of Sting defense, although the defense didn't do much to slow down the Sting offense.  The Hawk offense showed flashes against the Shock. I think this game could be very close especially if the Vipers don't travel well.  Hawks get second win in upset.

Hawks 28 Vipers 24


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